Florence Essa
Currently living and working in Paris
1997- A woman’s
portrait 24x33 cm

1981-Training in the fine arts school of Beaune for two years.

1984-Fine arts school of Aix-en-Provence, specialization painting. Initiation to the techniques of

1985-Training in lithographic techniques at the fine arts school of Paris.

1988-Apprenticeship in graphic arts softwares.

1990-Free listening student at the fine arts school of Paris. Anatomy amphitheater practices and theorical.
1991-Thinking female nude
14x17 cm

1991-Steady attendance to the atelier of Rémy Aron. Practice of drawing after the living model and the model in his setting. Training in etching.

1993-Oilpainting after the living model.

1994-Urban landscapes on heights of Montmartre. Country landscapes in the South west of France (Aude).

1995-Still lives. Small sizes.

1996-Copie masters at the Louvre, such as Rubens, Poussin, Delacroix, Corot, Watteau, among others.

1997-exhibition at the « Petite galerie », rue de Seine in Paris.

1999-Big formats. Series of still lives as a « Tribute to Chardin ».

1996 - Copy of Watteau 116x89 cm

2000-Sceneries in landscapes around Paris (Yvelines), and on the Seine’s banks.

2001-2002- Objects of glass and transparencies.

2003-Portraits and self-portraits.

2004-Flowers and living model.
Took part into the collective exhibition "Around Rémy Aron", organised by Albert Hadjiganev
At the city-hall,1st district, Paris

2005-2006- Urban subjects and portraits.

1993 - Quiet female nude 22x14 cm
2007- November, "Salon d'Automne", Espace Auteuil in Paris and "Salon du dessin" into the Grand-Palais in Paris.
2008- Study of flowers with drawings, inks and oil painting.

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Florence Essa

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